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At Your Local Independent Bookseller

It is our mission to make sure that maps are in every independent bookstore across the country. If your favorite bookstore has a travel department, but does not offer maps, please ask them to contact us. We have a program that is easy for even the smallest stores to get started selling maps.

Hastings Stores

East View Map Link is the primary provider of maps and map products for the Hastings Book Store Chain. If you live near a Hastings bookstore give them a visit.

Buy Maps Directly From East View Map Link

If you just prefer to order directly from East View Map Link, it is possible to buy maps directly on our retail web site, TrekTools.com. East View Map Link offers thousands of folded and rolled map products as well as atlases and some guide books, all of which can be purchased directly from our warehouse.

Would You Rather Order from Amazon.com?

That's okay too. We understand you might be building an order in your Amazon cart and you want combine your map purchase there. East View Map Link is a main provider of maps and map products to Amazon.com so chances are if you are ordering with Amazon you are ordering from us! Thanks by the way!

If you prefer, visit our product list on the Amazon site.

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