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Sunflower Books publishes the 'Landscapes' Series, the 'Walk & Eat' series and the Sunflower 'Complete' series.

Sunflower authors know their chosen landscapes intimately; many live in the area, others visit frequently. They have written these books because they see the beauty and interest in these regions and want to share it with you.

With over 60 unique destinations to choose from (see below), Sunflower Books, offers you comprehensive information about off the beaten path destinations across Europe.

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Sunflower Books-Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast Sunflower Books-Content Sample

Complete Product Listing (updated of July 3, 2012)

Sunflower Books Landscapes Series
There is nothing else quite like the Landscapes series. As one user recently wrote to us "We have talked to many people of different nationalities introductions merely being the blue Sunflower guide. It seems like we are all members of a club and we have become addicted to walking on holiday." Many other people say the same: wherever you go, if you use the Landscapes books, you'll see other people carrying them as well. You will have become a Landscaper and will have joined a fraternity that will make you friends in every destination you visit covered by our books.

Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2059878MAlgarve (Portugal) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_ALGARVE978185691398017.99
2059881BAndalucia Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_ANDALUCIA978185691380517.99
2059882BAzores Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_AZORES978185691407917.99
2059883BBasque Country Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_BASQUE_COUNTRY978185691381217.99
2059919BCorfu Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_CORFU978185691360717.99
2059921BCorsica Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_CORSICA978185691355317.99
2059923BCosta Blanca (Spain) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_COSTA_BLANCA978185691364517.99
2059925BCosta Brava (Spain) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_COSTA_BRAVA978185691406217.99
2059926BCrete (Western) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_CRETE_W978185691396617.99
2059884BCroatia Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_CRO978185691393517.99
2059885BCyprus (South) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_CYP_S978185691370617.99
2059930BFuerteventura Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_FUER978185691320117.99
2059931BGran Canaria Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_GRAN_CANA978185691405517.99
2059933BGuernsey (Channel Is.) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_GUERNSEY978185691382911.99
2059889BItalian Lakes Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_I_LAKES978185691359117.99
2059934BIbiza & Formentera Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_IBIZA978185691330017.99
2059888BIreland Lanscape SeriesSUN_L_IRE978185691385017.99
2060072BJersey (Channel Is.) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_JERSEY978185691201011.99
2060075BLa Palma Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_LA_PALMA978185691389817.99
2060074BLanzarote Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_LANZAROTE978185691321817.99
2059890BMadeira Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_MADEIRA978185691413017.99
2060078BMallorca Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_MALLORCA978185691388117.99
2060081BMenorca Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_MENORCA978185691376817.99
2059891BMalta & Gozo Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_MLT978185691412317.99
2060085BPaxos (Greece) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PAXOS978185691377510.99
2059893BPicos de Europa (Spain) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PICO978185691386717.99
2060088BPortugal (Northern) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PORT_N978185691309617.99
2059896BProvence (Eastern) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PROV_E978185691361419.99
2059898BProvence (Western) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PROV_W978185691362119.99
2059900BPyrenees Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_PYR978185691397317.99
2059903BSardinia Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SARDINIA978185691383617.99
2059904BScottish Highlands Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SCOT_HIGH978185691390417.99
2059905BSicily Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SICILIA978185691363817.99
2059906BSorrento & Amalfi Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SORREN978185691395917.99
2060090BSlovenia Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SVA978185691379917.99
2059908BSwitzerland (Western) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_SWI_W978185691356019.99
2059936BTatra Mountains (Poland) Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_TATRA_MTN978185691392817.99
2059935BTenerife Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_TENERIFE978185691337917.99
2060092BSouthern Tenerife & Gomera Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_TENERIFE_S978185691349217.99
2059910BTuscany Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_TOSCANA978185691298317.99
2059927BUmbria & the Marche Landscapes SeriesSUN_L_UMBRIA978185691384317.99

Sunflower Books Walk & Eat Series
Walk & Eat guides, first published in 2006, describe mostly easy walks with restaurants en route, together with their typical menus. There are also recipes for some of the local speciality dishes. Several of these books are 'city guides', but with a difference: they cover surrounding areas easily reached by public transport.

Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2059880BAmsterdam Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_AMSTERDAM978185691394214.99
2059915BAvignon Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_AVIGNON978185691354614.99
2059917BCapetown Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_CAPE978185691331714.99
2059922BCorsica Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_CORSICA978185691295214.99
2059886BCyprus (North) Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_CYP_N978185691371314.99
2060073BKefalonia (Greece) Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_KEFALONIA978185691366914.99
2060076BLisbon Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_LISBON978185691280814.99
2060077BMadeira Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_MADEIRA978185691387414.99
2060079BMallorca Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_MALLORCA978185691404814.99
2059892BNice Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_NICE978185691369014.99
2059902BRhodes (Greece) Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_RHODES978185691325614.99
2059907BStockholm Walk & Eat SeriesSUN_W_STOCKHOLM978185691350814.99

Sunflower Books Complete Series
The Sunflower Complete guides combine the best features of a Landscapes guide with all you would expect in a general guide: getting there and getting about, accommodation and restaurants (with prices), practicalities A-Z, history, fold-out touring maps, town plans, plans of ancient sites and many feature panels. In addition, each has 20+ main walks, illustrated with topographical maps.

Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2059932BTurkey (Antalya) Sunflower Complete SeriesSUN_C_ANTALYA978185691426019.99
2059928BDolomites Sunflower Complete SeriesSUN_C_DOLOMITES978185691378217.99
2059909BTurkey (Bodrum/Marmaris) Sunflower Complete SeriesSUN_C_TUR978185691403119.99
2059929BTurkey (Kas to Dalyan) Sunflower Complete SeriesSUN_C_TUR_KAS978185691400019.99
2059920BZakynthos (Zante) (Greece) Sunflower Complete SeriesSUN_C_ZAKYNTHOS978185691401719.99

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