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United States of America

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Since 1856 Rand McNally has published maps, atlases and wall maps for travel, reference, commercial, and educational uses. Arguably the most recognizable name in the American map industry, Rand McNally produces folded maps and atlases which are used by consumers, industry and schools to help people get around and better understand the USA and our 50 States.

In addition to publishing America's #1 Road Atlas, a yearly, updated atlas of the USA, Rand McNally publishes several types of folded maps of American States, cities and regions including the laminated 'Easyfinder/Easy to Fold' map series as well as the 'Easy to Read' (large print) series of folded maps covering most of the 50 States.

Complementing their folded map offerings, Rand McNally publishes the popular Thomas Guide and Street Guide series of atlases. Thomas Guides are paperback, spiral-bound atlases featuring detailed street maps of various large metropolitan areas as well as a handful of State and regional guides. These map books are usually published by county; there are some Thomas Guides that have two or three counties combined. Each guide has a detailed index of streets and points of interest, as well as arterial maps for easy page location. Street Guides are similar to Thomas Guides with the exception being they are primarily city atlases and not categorized by county.

Rand McNally’s publishes US and World wall maps including several which are designed for children such as their 'Kids Illustrated' US and World maps.

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