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Crumpled City Maps are printed on special technological material that makes them the lightest and most resistant maps on market, as well as 100% waterproof. Unlike traditional paper maps which can be awkward to deal with, Crumpled City Maps can be crammed into your pocket or purse, backpack or the included carrying pouch without worrying you have to refold it along the original creases. The collection includes some of the most interesting cities on the globe. Each map provides details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more. Crumpled City maps include a sightseeing index as well as a list of unique ‘Soulsights’.

Crumpled City maps are published by Palomar, an Italian company that has been one of the leading traditional Florentine optic companies since 1956.

Product Samples

Palomar-Crumpled City Maps-London City Map Palomar-Crumpled City Maps-Conent Sample

Complete Product Listing (updated of March 5, 2012)

Palomar - Crumpled City Maps Series
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2037837MCrumpled City Map-AmsterdamCCM_AMSTERDAM978889057327916.95
2037836MCrumpled City Map-BarcelonaCCM_BARCELONA978889057323116.95
2037825MCrumpled City Map-BerlinCCM_BERLIN978889042640716.95
2038939MCrumpled City Map-ChicagoCCM_CHICAGO978889748704316.95
2050242MCrumpled City Map-CopenhagenCCM_COPENHAGEN978889748700516.95
2050243MCrumpled City Map-EdinburghCCM_EDINBURGH978889057326216.95
2050244MCrumpled City Map-FlorenceCCM_FLORENCE978889748708116.95
2037838MCrumpled City Map-HamburgCCM_HAMBURG978889042645216.95
2050245MCrumpled City Map-HelsinkiCCM_HELSINKI978889057328616.95
2050246MCrumpled City Map-Hong KongCCM_HK978889057320016.95
2037835MCrumpled City Map-LisbonCCM_LISBON978889057325516.95
2037827MCrumpled City Map-LondonCCM_LONDON978889042642116.95
2050247MCrumpled City Map-MadridCCM_MADRID978889748716616.95
2050248MCrumpled City Map-MelbourneCCM_MELBOURNE978889748717316.95
2037832MCrumpled City Map-MilanCCM_MILAN978889042647616.95
2052539MCrumpled City Map-MoscowCCM_MOSCOW978889748720316.95
2052538MCrumpled City Map-MunichCCM_MUNICH978889748719716.95
2037828MCrumpled City Map-New YorkCCM_NEW_YORK978889042644516.95
2050249MCrumpled City Map-New ZealandCCM_NZ978889748707416.95
2050250MCrumpled City Map-OsloCCM_OSLO978889748701216.95
2037830MCrumpled City Map-ParisCCM_PARIS978889042646916.95
2037831MCrumpled City Map-RomeCCM_ROME978889042648316.95
2052540MCrumpled City Map-Saint PetersburgCCM_SAINT_PETERSBURG978889748721016.95
2038940MCrumpled City Map-San FranciscoCCM_SAN_FR978889748705016.95
2050251MCrumpled City Map-StockholmCCM_STOCKHOLM978889057329316.95
2037834MCrumpled City Map-SydneyCCM_SYDNEY978889057324816.95
2037833MCrumpled City Map-TokyoCCM_TOKYO978889042649016.95
2050252MCrumpled City Map-TorontoCCM_TORONTO978889748706716.95
2050253MCrumpled City Map-VeniceCCM_VENICE978889748709816.95
2050254MCrumpled City Map-ViennaCCM_VIENNA978889748710416.95
2052537MCrumpled City Map-ZurichCCM_ZURICH978889748718016.95

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