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The French tire company Michelin created its first travel guide over 100 years ago to promote road travel and inspire driving confidence. Today, Michelin offers travelers an extensive range of travel guides, maps and online travel resources. These products deliver the same Michelin promise of quality and consistency consumers expect from one of the world's most trusted brands.

The most famous Michelin products include travel guides such as the famous Michelin Red Guide and Michelin Green Guide. The Red Guide is a wealth of information about accommodation and dining. The Green Guides are based around sightseeing and are often considered the authority on a particular area. There are also lighter, easier to read Must See Guides geared toward the more casual tourist.

In addition to the guides, Michelin offers a collection maps and atlases for destinations around the globe. Most notable are the 500 series (orange) of regional maps for different countries in Europe, and the 700 series (red) which are entire country maps.

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