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As a leading wall map publisher, Maps International from Lovell Johnís maps are some of the most respected and enjoyed styles by consumers around the world. Maps International wall maps use a modified Van der Grinten projection.

There are also Maps International puzzles of the World and USA, as well as World and USA desk mats and giant mouse pads, as well as an Economy line of World, USA and Canada maps, which have been boxed for everyday display.

Product Samples

Maps International-World Map Maps International-Conent Sample

Complete Product Listing (updated of March 1, 2012)

Maps International Wall Maps
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2030768MAfrica, Pol, 47x39MI_AFR_WA978193400648129.95
2030769MAfrica, Pol, 47x39, LaminatedMI_AFR_LAM978193400612244.95
2032442MAntarctica, 47x39, LaminatedMI_ANT_LAM978193400613944.95
2030770MAntarctica, Pol, 39x47MI_ANT_WA978193400649829.95
2030771MAsia, Pol, 39x47MI_ASIA_WA978193400646729.95
2030772MAsia, Pol, 47x39, LaminatedMI_ASIA_LAM978193400610844.95
2036802MAustralasia, Pol, 39x47MI_AUS_WA978193400611529.95
2030777MAustralasia, Pol, 39x47 LaminatedMI_AUS_LAM978193400611544.95
2037406MCanada, Pol, 37x45, Laminated, boxedMI_CAN_BOXLAM978193400688714.95
2030797MCanada, Pol, 39x47MI_CAN_WA978193400642924.95
2037449MCanada, Pol, 39x47, LaminatedMI_CAN_LAM978193400606139.95
2030773MEurope, Pol, 39x55, LaminatedMI_EUR_LAM978193400609244.95
2030774MEurope, Pol, 39x55MI_EUR_WA978193400645029.95
2030775MNorth America, Pol, 47x39MI_N_AME_WA978193400643629.95
2030776MNorth America, Pol, 47x39, LaminatedMI_N_AME_LAM978193400607844.95
2030778MSouth America, Pol, 47x39, LaminatedMI_S_AME_LAM978193400608544.95
2030779MSouth America, Pol, 47x39MI_S_AME_WA978193400644329.95
2037407MUnited States, Pol, 37x45, Laminated, boxedMI_USA_BOXLAM978193400668914.95
2030799MUnited States, Pol, 39x47MI_USA_WA978193400641229.95
2037450MUnited States, Pol, 39x47, LaminatedMI_USA_LAM978193400605444.95
2030621MWorld, Phy, 33x54MI_WOR_P_BO_WA978193400640529.95
2037839MWorld, Phy, 33x54 White;OceanMI_WOR_P_WO_WA978078343479724.95
2030623MWorld, Phy, 33x54, LaminatedMI_WOR_P_BO_LAM978193400604744.95
2030781MWorld, Pol, 48x77MI_WOR20_WA978193400636849.95
2030782MWorld, Pol, 48x77, LaminatedMI_WOR20_LAM978193400600964.95
2030791MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 29x41MI_WOR40_WA978193400638219.95
2030792MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 29x41, LaminatedMI_WOR40_LAM978193400602334.95
2037404MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 37x51, Laminated, boxedMI_WOR_BOXLAM978193400669614.95
2030793MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 39x54MI_WOR30_WA978193400637529.95
2037451MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 39x54, LaminatedMI_WOR30_LAM978193400601644.95
2037840MWorld, Pol, w/Flags, 39x54 White OceanMI_WOR30_WO_WA978078343480324.95

Maps International Desk Pads
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2037454MUSA, Pol, Desk Pad, 27 x 17MI_USA_DESK 14.95
2048806MWorld, Pol, Desk Pad, 27 x 17MI_WOR_DESK978186500464814.95

Maps International Puzzles
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2033271United States of America map : 500 piece jigsaw puzzleMI_USA_PUZZ978193400686315.95
2033142World map : 500 piece jigsaw puzzleMI_WOR_PUZZ978193400685615.95
2033142World map : 500 piece jigsaw puzzleMI_WOR_PUZZ978193400685615.95

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