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Western US with a focus in the Rockies

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Folded maps & some geologic maps


United States of America

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Colorado based GTR Mapping was started in late 1984, by an exploration geologist with an extensive Rocky Mountain travel background. GTR's first published map was in 1985, the Colorado Geologic Highway Map. Since their start GTR has evolved along with the mapping industry, moving from manual cartography to the use of computers and digital files for map compilation and printing.

GTR constantly collects, reviews, and organizes information for map updating and compilation. In addition to field checking, sources used for information include the departments of transportation, State Parks, Fish & Game, U. S. Forest Service, National Parks, U. S. Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, Census Bureau, local chambers of commerce, and visitors bureaus.

GTR currently offers Topographic Recreational Maps of several western states. These maps are detailed state travel maps that portray the general geography and much more recreational and points of interest information than typical highway maps. They are designed for both casual tourists and outdoor enthusiasts that like to get off the beaten path.

Product Samples

GTR Mapping-Arizona Folding Map GTR Mapping-Content Sample

Complete Product Listing (updated of March 12, 2012)

GTR Mapping Products
Product #TitleISBNEVML CodeUSD Price
2034163MColorado, Expanded9781881262190GTR_X_CO9.95
2030533MColorado, Geologic9781881262008GTR_CO_GEOL6.95
2030534MKansas, Geologic9781881262022GTR_KS_GEOL6.95
2034893MMontana, Eastern Recreational9781881262138GTR_MT_E3.95
2034894MMontana, Western Recreational9781881262121GTR_MT_W3.95
2034165MNew Mexico9781881262084GTR_NM3.95
2036890MYellowstone/Grand Teton, WY Topo9781881262206GTR_YELLOWSTO4.95

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