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Folded regional & country road maps, some city maps, atlases & wall maps



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Headquartered in Austria, Freytag & Berndt offers a wide variety of maps covering all areas of the globe. Apart from the the well-known road and leisure-time maps, Freytag & Berndt also offers all kinds of atlases, city maps, hiking maps, posters and multi-media products.

Freytag & Berndt’s series of road, leisure time and city maps are folded protected with a soft cover. Many of the maps provide the normal details plus postal codes, tourist information, road distances, culture guides, car ferries, and other helpful information.

Most products of Freytag & Berndt - especially atlases - are characterized with through road maps which give users an overview of highways through the city to simplify quick and easy crossing. Moreover all important products are equipped with GPS information.

The newest Freytag & Berndt products are designed with three colored terrain which allows for easier reading and clearly arranged cartography.

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