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Main Area of Focus

Coastal areas of California, Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Micronesia as well as Las Vegas

General Map Types Offered

Guide Maps, Dive Maps, Surf Maps & Trail Maps


United States of America

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Franko Maps began in Southern California's mountains and then expanded to the coast and islands off of California. After that, they expanded to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Micronesia, and Florida. The mission of Franko Maps Ltd. is to provide, continually improve and broadly distribute visually appealing and informative guide maps of extraordinary and interesting destinations.

Colorful and bright, Franko Maps are printed on durable waterproof synthetic paper using fade-resistant inks. While incorporating a wealth of information, the detail of the maps incorporates a love and respect for each location, its natural environment and its history. Each map provides a wealth of information including what to see and do, dive sites, surfing spots, trails, historical sites, scenery, cultural facts, activities and attractions.

Franko Map backgrounds (island outlines, hill and mountain shaded relief, ocean bathymetry, etc.) are visually beautiful. Franko Map foregrounds (roads, trails, place names, descriptions, etc.) are clear, beautiful and continuously updated. An effort is made to improve and update the maps with each subsequent edition.

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