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Main Area of Focus

Alaska, Western Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean

General Map Types Offered

Map books/guides with large fold-out maps


United States of America

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Coastal Cruise Tour Guides publishes map guides that cover the major cruise areas of Alaska/Western Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. They are a "must have" for anyone traveling to these areas or planning their adventure.

Each guide features a set of shaded-relief color maps that fold out to six feet and provide detailed information about cruise ship and ferry routes, islands, roads, bays, airports, points-of-interest and other vital geographic information. The text portion contains a wealth of information on the history, customs and culture and wildlife of the region and is colorfully illustrated with drawings, early engravings and color photos. Each guide, measuring 12" x 4 3/4", comes in a sturdy, all-weather vinyl envelope.

Coastal Cruise Tour Guides have been featured in reviews published by The Sunday New York Times, Travel and Leisure Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Magazine and numerous other trade and consumer travel publications.

Product Samples

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Complete Product Listing (updated of February 16, 2012)

Coastal Cruise Tour Guides
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2033702MAlaska & Canada's Inside PassageCOAS_AK_IP978096114380015.95
2034857MAlaska South Central/Yukon CruiseCOAS_AK_S_CEN978096114383115.95
2034856MCaribbean, Eastern Cruise Tour GuideCOAS_CARIB_E978096114382415.95
2036477BMexico, Western Cruise Tour GuideCOAS_MEX_W978096114381715.95

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