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Benchmark Maps publish a line of state road atlases that include landscape and physical features of the topography, along with road and recreation information. Benchmark state atlases are created for people who need an authoritative reference to the natural beauty, culture, and history of the American West. Nowhere else will the camper, boater, traveler, hunter or armchair explorer find a more comprehensive guide and travel companion. There is a special emphasis on recreational activities and opportunities. Public land ownership information is also provided, and the atlases are thoroughly indexed. At the heart of the atlases are the richly detailed Landscape Maps compiled by skilled cartographers using the latest digital technologies. These maps combine shaded relief and hypsometric tints or land use imagery. Most atlases have a section of "Metro Maps", enlarged detail for getting around the urban areas. All atlases are field-checked by Benchmark staff. To get the best data, teams of field checkers drive throughout each state and conduct hundreds of information-gathering interviews. Benchmark atlases and maps are simply the clearest, the most beautiful, and the most up to date of any now published.

Product Samples

Benchmark Maps-California State Atlas Benchmark Maps-Conent Sample

Complete Product Listing (updated of February 13, 2012)

Benchmark State Atlases
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2035807Arizona Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_AZ_AT978092959197122.95
2035808California Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_CA_AT978092959149024.95
2037187Colorado Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_CO_AT978092959191922.95
2035810Idaho Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_ID_AT978092959106322.95
2035811Montana Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_MT_AT978092959166722.95
2037188Nevada Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_NV_AT978092959192622.95
2035812New Mexico Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_NM_AT978092959111722.95
2035814Oregon Road and Recreation AtlasBEN_OR_AT978092959162922.95
2035815Utah Road & Recreation AtlasBEN_UT_AT978092959173522.95
2035816Washington Road & Recreation AtlasBEN_WA_AT978092959198822.95
2035817Wyoming Road & Recreation AtlasBEN_WY_AT978092959196422.95

Benchmark Folding Maps
Product #TitleEVML CodeISBNUSD Price
2033312MArizona, NortheastBEN_AZ_NE97807834984166.95
2033313MArizona, NorthwestBEN_AZ_NW97807834984096.95
2033314MArizona, SoutheastBEN_AZ_SE97807834984236.95
2033315MArizona, SouthwestBEN_AZ_SW97807834983486.95
2038087MBenchmark Colorado Recreation MapBEN_CO_REC97807834990176.95
2037191MCalifornia Road MapBEN_CA97807834980485.95
2033316MHighway 395/Eastern Sierra, CA/NVBEN_HWY_39597807834984855.95
2034789MIdaho Recreation MapBEN_ID_REC97807834985006.95
2037192MNevada Road MapBEN_NV97807834990005.95
2034790MOregon Recreation MapBEN_OR_REC97809295918587.95
2036927MUtah Recreation MapBEN_UT_REC97807834985156.95
2034792MWashington Recreation MapBEN_WA_REC97809295918657.95
2037190MYosemite Nat'l Park Area, CABEN_YOS97807834984925.95

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